Even if you’ve just purchased a fresh new M2 13-inch MacBook Pros, you may question why it doesn’t seem as quick as you expected – particularly if you purchased the basic model with 256GB of storage space.

M2 13-inch MacBook Pros

When it comes to the new MacBook Pro’s M2 processor, which powers the 13-inch model, there is a downside for those who purchased the basic model. In comparison to the M1 MacBook Pro, the SSD performance of the machine isn’t quite up to standard, as YouTuber Max Tech points out in a recent video.

The new 256GB M2 13-inch MacBook Pro SSD performs less impressively than anticipated, with read and write speeds much slower than the M1 machine it replaces, according to Max Tech’s tests and our own here at iMore. Using our M2 13-inch MacBook Pro as an example, we get roughly 1500 MB/s for both read and write rates. Read and write speeds of 2900 and 2215, respectively, were recorded using Max Tech’s M1 13-inch MacBook Pro.

There are significant variances between the M1 and M2-powered findings when it comes to Black Magic testing, which may be hit or miss at times. How come? A YouTuber named Created Tech set out to discover the answer to that question by disassembling one of the new devices.

When it comes to storage, Apple’s new M2 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with only one 128GB chips instead of two 128GB chips, according to a new video posted by Apple’s YouTube channel. Faster performance is the result of this change, which Apple has implemented in previous Macs as well.

Simply put: the quickest M2-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro is available only with a storage capacity greater than the standard 256GB. That’s all. Reports of enhanced SSD performance on MacBook Pros with 512GB of storage have already surfaced.

This isn’t quite apparent as to why Apple made this decision, but it does raise the possibility that the next M2 MacBook Air, when it ships next month, may have equally poor SSD performance.