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App Name Alpha Backup Pro
Genre Tools
Size 10.14MB
Latest Version 32.0.8
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Alpha Backup Pro gives you a straightforward function that anyone feels necessary is to back up some information that you think necessary. So besides backing up, it also has many other tasks that you can take time to experience. Users will not need to worry about losing important things in the machine with just a few simple steps, and it is not difficult for the user.

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It backs up some apps and system features like friends, messages, and more. So you’ll only need to use a single app to back up the elements you desire. These backups will be packed into an application in which you can choose the form. It can be said to be an effective method for you to back up essential elements when you transfer or reinstall the device. Once you have exported the file, you will have a list of different file types for yourself. Therefore, depending on the form and function, you may find the corresponding one for data usage and recovery. At the same time, with such a large amount of information, it can be claimed that you will spend a lot of time and choose the necessary items. The reliability of the application lies in helping users get many useful functions wrapped in a single application.


Alpha Backup Pro gives you many functions that you will spend a lot of time experiencing. They often revolve around backing up data, archiving, among other exciting parts. Therefore, encapsulating many things in one application is necessary, but it also makes it difficult for the user. One of them is the root request for specific functions that deeply interfere with the system, like a complete uninstall. For those who do not know about root, it can be explained thoroughly. Rooting is a process that profoundly interferes with an Android device like a smartphone. Once this is achieved, you will improve the device’s performance and enhance its usage, like installing some application that was not possible before rooting. But it also brings many dangerous factors to the user experience.

In general, this is a method that manufacturers recommend not to use. Also, if the user is not sure about the root, it can cause some problems to repair consequences. One of them is that the essential functions are disabled. For this application, the user will be able to find some functionality that requires this action. But in general, the rest of the features can still meet your needs without doing that.


Once you’ve used Alpha Backup Pro to back up information about an app or a setting in the app, you can get an application of different formats that you can choose from. At the same time, when exporting the file, you will fully grasp this file’s information. Specifically, the data is carefully listed, including the file export time. From there, you can manage them carefully.


Alpha Backup Pro gives you a backup function that is completely simple and accessible for some novices. Simultaneously, in the process of using, there will be some applications that require root manipulation, but for those inexperienced, you should use the available functions. When you have successfully backed up the information file to another file, these will be streamlined for you to find easily. At the same time, it is also convenient for hosting on multiple platforms.

Technology is an indispensable element in every person’s life and makes it easier to do things. One of which can be mentioned is the storage of information. You can store essential data and files in one repository for tens of GB or more. Also, gradually according to the development of current applications, many other valuable functions appear to help you back up some vital information in your smartphone. If you want to try this function, then you can’t ignore Alpha Backup Pro.

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