New labour laws india 2022 | New labour code from July 1st

New labour laws:- The Centre’s four labour codes on wages, social security, industrial relations and occupation safety, health and working conditions are likely to be implemented soon. 

Earlier, it was to be implemented from April 2021, however, as labour is a concurrent subject, both the Centre and states had to notify rules under these four codes to make them the laws of the land. 

Recently, Labour Minister Bhupender Yadav exuded confidence saying the four codes may soon be implemented as around 90 per cent of states have already come out with draft rules.

New Labour Laws India 2022

New Labour Code (2022): Changes in working hours

Under the new labour codes, employees would be allowed to get three week-offs. But, employees would have to work for not more than 48 hours. Employees who work for 8 hours every day will get only one week off. However those who work for 12 hours every day will get three week-offs. Those who work 9 hours per day will get 2 week-offs. Hence, the offs depend on the work hours respectively. The new codes also allow increase in the maximum number of overtime hours from 50 hours to 125 hours.

New Labour Laws India 2022

What will be the impact on salaried employees by new wage code?

1. New wage code to impact your salary. Your in-hand salary will be reduced after implementation of Wage Code

The government’s notification on Code on Wages 2019 may reduce the take-home pay while components like PF might rise based on some factors.

2. New wage code to impact your allowance component that is a part of your salary 

But, the employees would not be able to get more than 50 percent of their salary in the form of allowance.

3. After implementation of new Wage Code, PF will be higher

This also means that there will be a consequent rise in PF contribution of the employee. 

4. New wage code could bring about a longer working hour, though your week off will be more than 2 in that case. 

Though it is compulsory to work for 48 hours, the week off may increase depending on working hours.  

5. After the implementation of new wage code, there could be big changes in Earned Leave policy

30 holidays in 1 year are now allowed in Government departments, however, defense employees would get 60 holidays in a year. 

New Leave Policy introduces in Wage Code

According to new labour laws the maternity leaves for female employees will increase to 26 weeks. Also, companies cannot place them on the night shift without their consent. Proper facilities and security should have to be ensured.

Also as mentioned above, Earned Leave Policy might be impacted the most. employees in India may be able to enjoy a four-day workweek, as opposed to the current five-day workweek from 2022-23.

Weekly-offs would depend on the number of working hours. If this code is implemented, the labour force will be entitled to leaves after every 180 days against 240 days earlier. 

Hence the new labour laws has many advantages for the employees. Some people consider that certain changes should be made in the laws, while some are eagerly waiting for it to be implemented. The new rules also talk about Work from home which was implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The new rules have been drafted to improve the well-being of employees.

New Labour Laws Implementation Date

It is expected to be implemented from July 1, 2022. Once the new codes are introduced, the take home salary would be lesser as the PF contribution would go up. Employees may have to work for 12 hours a day as the Labour Ministry made it clear that the requirement for a 48 hour weekly work is compulsory. There are also talks about working four- day in a week. 

New labour laws in india 2022 pdf

Above in pdf file you can know more details about new labour laws in india 2022


In my opinion the new labour laws is a very good decision made by govt.It will be like a boon to those employees who want to spent their weekends with their family. With the help of new labour laws they will get 3 weekend holidays in a week and spent their peaceful time with their families.


What is the new law for salaried employees in India?

The new wage code mandates total working hours of 48 per week. The employees’ take-home salary will also change significantly as the basic salary will be at least 50 per cent of the gross monthly salary under the new wage code. This will also increase the PF contributions made by employees and employers

What is new labour laws?

Under the new labour codes, employees would be allowed to get three week-offs. Any employee would have to work for not more than 48 hours. This means those employees who work for 8 hours every day will get only one week off. However those who work for 12 hours every day will be entitled to three week-offs

What is Wage Code 2022?

New Wage Code 2022: Full and Final Payment in just 2 Days

But, according to the new rules, a company must pay the full and final settlement of wages and dues within two days of an employee’s last working day following their resignation, dismissal or removal from employment and services.

Is new labour Code implemented?

The new labour code is set to be implemented on July 1 across the country. The changes may affect your in-hand salary, working hours, week-offs, provident fund, and lots more.