Movies like Murder on the Orient Express

Adapted from Agatha Christie’s most prominent secret novel, Murder on the Orient Express is one of the most outstanding wrongdoing anticipation spine chillers, everything being equal. Coordinated by Kenneth Branagh, the film centers around a group murder secret of a deceitful money manager, who bites the dust for the time being, the point at which the extravagant Orient Express is ended by a snow float in the tracks.Movies like Murder on the Orient Express

The American mogul is found lying dead in his compartment, wounded multiple times, his entryway shockingly locked from within. The criminal investigator Hercule Poirot of world-over prestige, who is additionally present on the train, researches the homicide secret as the guilty party is among the twelve passengers.

While doing as such, he finds out about the genuine character of the person in question and reveals the secret mysteries of the past. (Fair warning!) It would appear every one of the travelers on the Orient Express had a place with a similar family and had all in all arranged the homicide well ahead of time to vindicate the snatching and murder of their child.

The 2017 variation was a prompt accomplishment in the cinematic world, earning $352 million universally. A large part of the basic evaluation of the film was likewise favorable. 

Here is the rundown of best motion pictures like Murder on the Orient Express:

And Then There Were None (1974) :

And Then There Were None (1974)

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This film is likewise a true to life variation of an Agatha Christie novel by a similar name. In Christie’s energetically ghastly riddle and suspenseful show, ten outsiders are brought to a remote island.

While they are trusting that the baffling host will show up, a gramophone recording names serious allegations at every one of the visitors, including the Judge Francis J. Quincannon, played by Barry Fitzgerald and Dr. Edward G. Armstrong, played by Walter Huston. Before long they begin being killed, one by one. 

As the survivors attempt to keep their brains, they arrive at an upsetting resolution that one among them is evidently the executioner. This is one of the exemplary locked and caught secrets, normal for Agatha Christie. Sadly, Poirot isn’t around to recognize the culprit!

Appointment with Death :

Appointment with Death

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This film is one more among motion pictures like Murder on the Orient Express, that have been adjusted from Agatha Christie’s book. Featuring Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot, the film spins around the mysterious demise of a widow. The prime suspects of the homicide are her step-kids, who had found that their stepmother had obliterated their dad’s will, which would have liberated them from her oppression and dominating behavior.  

Although drawing in, the film neglected to acquire a lot of business achievement. The vast majority of the basic surveys of the film were likewise opposing the cast exhibitions, creation and screenplay. Notwithstanding, the film is yet a favorite among exemplary ‘whodunit’ fans and all time Agatha Christie lovers.

To top everything, the activity of the film happens at an archeological dig close to the Dead Sea. It is one of the analyst’s most popular experiences till date. With lovely scenes and a frightful homicide to top everything off, devotees of the wrongdoing secret type make certain to delight in watching.

Bad Times at the El Royale:

Bad Times at the El Royale

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With an elegant cast including Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson and Jeff Bridges, this wrongdoing and murder secret spine chiller takes on ultra charming airs. This 2018 neo-noir movie is the executive endeavor of Drew Goddard. Set in the mid 1970s, the plot centers around four outsiders who registration at a lodging at the California-Nevada border.

The place is essentially abandoned, with the exception of a solitary work area representative. Before sufficiently long, it becomes evident that each visitor has a liable dim mystery, that they have been stowing away lengthy. What’s more, presently, nobody is protected from the truth. 

In the range of one evening, this emotional flick gets every one of the elements of a spine chiller – show, privileged insights and a wild cast to top everything. Outsiders being caught together is somewhat the pith of motion pictures like Murder on the Orient Express; and from this film as well, secret spine chiller fans can expect the equivalent entertainment.

The film was a moderate accomplishment in the cinematic world, netting a sum of $31.8 million universally, in spite of the fact that against a financial plan of $32 million. The pundits were all commendations for the cast performances. 

Death on the Nile:

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Death on the Nile is a forthcoming film that is set to be delivered somewhere near October this year. Coordinated by Kenneth Branagh, this movie is an immediate continuation follow-up of the 2017 film, Murder on the Orient Express. Featuring Branagh in the job of Poirot, the celebrities famous entertainers including Gal Gadot, Letitia Michelle Wright, Armie Hammer, Ali Fazal and a few others.

The impending film will be the third screen transformation of the novel, following the 1978 film and an episode in the ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ TV series.  

Poirot is on a get-away in Egypt, and while on a journey down the Nile, a recently marry beneficiary is viewed as dead – a circle of drama goes dangerously terrible. Presently, Poirot is relegated to chase down the executioner. Like Branagh’s different bearings, this film is most certainly going to beat out everyone else and provide the watchers with a total blend of tension, secret, show and some genuine chills.

Evil Under the Sun:


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This is one more realistic transformation of an Agatha Christie novel, that goes by a similar name. This locked-room secret hit the large screens in 1982. In the film, one can find the protagonist researching the homicide of a rich and popular entertainer under dubious conditions, for a situation, that will leave even the shrewdest among the crowd puzzled.

Everyone in the room is an expected suspect, having numerous a valid justifications to carry out the homicide. The glorious formation of the creator – the investigator, Hercule Poirot, is played by the Academy Award-winning entertainer, Peter Ustinov. 

Gosford Park

Gosford Park movie poster

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This 2001 satirical black comedy and mystery thriller is a directorial venture of Robert Altman and is an atypical dinner party – murder mystery investigation. Taking place in 1932, servants and guests at a party in the English countryside investigate a murder, and someone among them is supposedly guilty. The family’s secrets, lies and deceptions come tumbling out as the drapes over Sir William’s murder are unfolded.  

The film performed well at the box office and amongst the critics as well. It managed to bag $87 million worldwide against a production budget of $19.8 million. With all the classiness of the 30s, the critics were approving of the sets, performances, production and thematic relevance. The film was also felicitated with the Academy Awards among several other achievements. 

 Knives Out :

 Knives Out  movie poster

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Knives Out is a more recent screen portrayal of a whodunit thriller that hit the big screens in 2019. The plot of the film goes as: the circumstances surrounding the death of crime-novelist, Harlan Thrombey are mysterious. When the rich patriarch of a family dies, the private investigator, renowned Detective Benoit Blanc suspects foul play.

Now, he must deal with the greedy and eccentric family. Still unaware of the culprit, there is one thing that he knows for sure, that everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a potential suspect. Blanc must sift through an intricate web of lies and accidental red herrings to uncover the truth. 

The film received critical acclaim, particularly for the actors’ performances, screenplay and direction. It profited immensely by grossing $312 million worldwide against a $40 million budget. For fans of movies like Murder on the Orient Express, this film is a definite, must-watch. 

Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery :

Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery  movie poster

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This 1989 film directed by Christopher Petit, is a cinematic adaptation of another of Agatha Christie’s masterpieces. While on a vacation at a resort hotel in the West Indies, the legendary fictional creation, Miss Marple correctly suspects that the apparently natural death of a retired British major is actually the work of a murderer, who must be planning yet another killing.  

The film was exclusively made-for-television, starring Helen Hayes playing the character of Miss Marple. She later reprised her role in the 1985 mystery-thriller Murder with Mirror. The audiences and the critics alike, were appreciative of the movie’s presentation. The New York Times praised it primarily for its exceptionally good cast. 

Murder in Three Acts :

Murder in Three Acts movie poster

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This is a made-for-television mystery thriller, directed by Gary Nelson and produced by Warner Bros. Studios. As in many Agatha Christie’s novel adaptations, this movie features the renowned actor, Peter Ustinov playing Hercule Poirot. It has been adapted from the 1934 novel ‘Three Act Tragedy’ and it first premiered on television in 1986. 

The plot of the film gains momentum when Poirot joins his assistant Hastings in Acapulco, Mexico. As they go to a party, where the writer Janet Crisp, the American actor Charles Cartwright, a clergyman named Babbington, Daisy Eastman with her daughter Egg, Dr. Strange and Ricardo Montoya are also present, Babbington mysteriously dies of poisoning.

This remains a seemingly natural death until Dr. Strange is poisoned too. And lo! Poirot to the rescue. He hunts down the murderer and in the process, leaves the audience astounding. 

 Name of the Rose :

 Name of the Rose movie poster

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This film is unique from other movies like Murder on the Orient Express, for it is specifically a historical mystery thriller. The movie was adapted from Umberto Eco’s novel by the same name and was released in 1986. In the movie, William of Baskerville, a renowned Franciscan monk and his apprentice, Adso of Melk, travel to an abbey where a suspicious death has occurred.

Using his deductive powers, William begins investigating what he believes to be a case of murder. During the course of his investigation, several more monks turn up dead. With fear running through the abbey, the church leaders call forth Bernardo Gui – William’s nemesis, to find the truth.  

This historical murder mystery, set in an Italian monastery in the 14th century, is an intellectual mystery that  combines semiotics in fiction, biblical analysis, literary theory and medieval studies, into the framework of crime mystery and thriller.

Directed by Jean Jacques Annaud, the film became a huge commercial disappointment in the United States. However, on the contrary, it became immensely popular among European audiences, which is the reason why it grossed $77 million worldwide!

The Girl on the Train:

The Girl on the Train movie poster

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Adapted from Paula Hawkins’ debut novel by the same name, this film is a mystery and thriller revolving around alcoholic divorcee, Rachel Watson. Commuting, she catches glances of a seemingly ideal couple Scott and Megan, who live in a house that her train passes every day.

However, one morning she witnesses something shocking happen at their house. Rachel informs the authorities what she ‘thinks’ she had seen, after she learns the fact that Megan is now missing and feared dead. 

Troubled and unsure about her own memory, she inevitably becomes entangled in the investigation, while police suspect that Rachel may have crossed a dangerous line.  

Much of critical responses called the film’s plot to be convoluted and overly predictable, offering little in terms of character development and thematic build-up. However, the film bagged a whopping amount of $174 million at the box office globally, making it a massive success. 

The Last of Sheila

 The Last of Sheila  movie poster

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This 1973 mystery and drama thriller, is a game of Hollywood personalities unwittingly unveiling who was responsible for the hit-and-run murder of a gossip columnist named Sheila. A year later, her widower brings his friends – all of whom are potential suspects – onto a yacht for a few nights of games, in which everyone assumes different identities that reflect the darkest parts of themselves.  

Directed by Herbert Ross, The Last of Sheila is one of the most underrated crime stories of its kind; a big twist in the middle shifts the film’s course in a truly audacious way. It stands at par with ensemble murder mystery movies like Murder on the Orient Express, when it comes to the intense whodunit flicks. The film was received with majorly positive reviews from the critics as well from the audience. 

The Mirror Crack’d

The Mirror Crack’d movie poster

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Directed by Guy Hamilton, this movie is one of the crime mysteries that will have you hooked from the beginning to the end. It is another brilliant cinematic adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1962 novel, ‘The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side’. Set in the 1950s, the story unfolds on a film set in a small British town.

Elizabeth Taylor plays a formerly celebrated actress, trying to make a comeback. But she is plagued by a mysterious incident from her past. This follows the mysterious poisoning of an unsuspecting local on the premises where the movie is being made. It seems like the poisoning was intended for none but the actress herself.  

Miss Marple – another of Christie’s celebrated creations – arrives on the scene with her nephew, Inspector Craddock, played by Edward Fox, to investigate. The movies hit the screens in 1982 and proved to be a major disappointment at the box office. And the actress playing the iconic Miss Marple, never reprised her role in any of the coming movies. 

Thirteen at Dinner

Thirteen at Dinner movie poster

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This movie was especially made solely for broadcasting on television in 1985. Adapted from the novel ‘Lord Edgware Dies’ by Agatha Christie, the movie features Peter Ustinov playing the celebrated detective Hercule Poirot.

 When actress Jane Wilkinson demands a divorce from her husband, Lord Edgware, she appears unstable. Soon after when the husband is found murdered, she becomes the prime suspect of the act.  

At first, the case seems to be a straightforward one. But as the plot progresses, the twists and turns that follow along, leave the audience baffled. (Nothing that Hercule Poirot cannot solve, though!) The movie also starred the actor David Suchet, the actor who later played Poirot in the long-running television series entitled Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes movie poster

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Just like the enchanting Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes – the man is an intriguing character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This 2009 mystery and action drama is based on this character and is played by the famous actor, Robert Downey Jr. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the movie centers on the legendary detective, Holmes and his all-time partner, Watson engaging in a battle of wits.  

Full of twists, this mystery and suspense flick keeps every viewer on their toes. Its humor, ingenuity, and crime mystery is enough to give all ‘whodunit’ fans an entertaining experience, from the start to the last. The audience never really knows what to expect next.

Plus, this detective partnership is surely one of the best for all the crime dramas that you’ve ever seen. The movie was an instant success, grossing a whopping net of $524 million internationally. The movie earned much critical acclaim, that praised it for its action sequences, costumes designs and sets. 


So, awaken the detective inside of you and solve the ‘whodunit’ crime mysteries yourself, as you binge watch these movies like Murder on the Orient Express. And surely, your insatiable appetite for shocking and twisted revelations, is up for finding fulfillment, for these movies are no less than classics in crime mystery, suspense and thriller.  

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