10 Surprising Uses Of Scratch and Sniff Marketing

Scratch and sniff marketing, a peculiar idea that I for one felt never truly took off and was bound to the domains of tricks and prevailing fashions that definitely flamed out.

Anyway obviously it has prevailed in specific regions.

Obviously it isn’t comparable as far as progress when contrasted with other clear tricks of the time, for example, contact screen and the CD, however in its own unique way it has ended up as the winner!

Before I dig into the rundown, we should go through the most common way of making scratch and sniff.

The most common way of making the fragrance is dependably the equivalent no matter what its future application except for the distinction lies in the manner it’s really applied to a surface.

In the first place, Scented oil is blended in with an endlessly water solvent polymer arrangement in a huge tank, or reactor, and mixed at a rapid.

As this mixes, the oil structures small drops each arriving at 20 to 30 microns in size after around 12 hours, this makes them undetectable to the unaided eye.

Then, at that point, the mixing stops and a synthetic impetus is added which makes the polymer’s become water insoluble.

This typifies each oil bead which are then assembled and washed to eliminate any that didn’t bond or respond accurately.

Then, the containers are set in a tank prior to blending in with a water base and a cement, framing a thick gloop and applied to the surface.

1. Stickers, cards and collectors

Scratch and Sniff Marketing ,So with the process explained let’s begin! The most common place we know scratch and sniff would be stickers.

Smells are a great way of enticing kids and in 1977, Creative Teaching Press combined the two, creating the first mass produced scratch and sniff stickers.

They came in 24 styles and are referred to as CTP77’s by collectors (yes collectors!).

These stickers were mainly used as rewards for a teacher’s students.

The era of scratch and sniff seemed to be the 70’s & 80s but as the years went on, scratch and sniff stickers became more and more common place.

In 2000 for example, Panini, the world renowned sticker producer, produced The Simpsons sticker album which included amongst other options, a scratch and sniff range.

2. Drug prevention and official documentation

Scratch and Sniff Marketing A lot more irregular, or in any event, arbitrary spot to find this innovation would be in true documentation.

In 2013, the UK noble cause Crimestoppers delivered 210,000 handouts pointed toward handling the ascent of street pharmacists nearby.

It was a card with a scratch and sniff segment to make individuals mindful of the smell of pot and the ways of recognizing potential developments in their space.

In 2016, a similar thought was used by UK police noble cause once more, delivering a card which this time incorporated the scents of different medications.

The “No Excuses” crusade utilized the more extensive assortment on these cards to help youngsters distinguish and avoid potential medication use.

3. Album covers and artwork

Scratch and Sniff Marketing ,The music world isn’t even invulnerable to the fascination of scratch and sniff innovation with many CD’s and LP’s delivered including it, fundamentally on covers yet additionally on the actual item.

Katy Perry’s collection Teenage Dream possessed a scent like cotton sweets when scratched.

The innovation in music is in many cases even more a contrivance as we said before, yet additionally an approach to engaging crowds on another tactile level.

Mae released a limited edition CD that smelt like the ocean and the audience were encouraged to scratch and sniff the album during the song, “The Ocean“.

4.Fighting the power

Scratch and Sniff Marketing

Scratch and Sniff Marketing Campaigning, like marketing, is all about attracting people and getting a message across, albeit for a different reason.

In 2016, the New York metro was really the following advancement in battling using scratch and sniff.

Angela H. Kim set banners around Canal Street, Union Square, and Herald Square stations to handle the smell of the underground.

The banner’s component a solid message impersonating that of typical MTA declarations however say regarding their incapability and accompanies different scented tabs to “make your ride more charming”.


Scratch and Sniff Marketing One of the weirdest places we’ve seen scratch and sniff has to be on clothing, but hey it’s the modern world, why not!

Naked & famous sell a pair of jeans that are scratch and sniff with the scent of mint which apparently lasts up to 5 washes and has been a very popular seller.

Smellies, a clothing company, sell a huge range of scratch and sniff clothing aimed at children including apples, pears, and strawberries.

6.Home Decor

Scratch and Sniff Marketing At this point, we as a whole understand this idea is an exceptionally famous thought and ranges a lot more regions that essentially I was aware of yet this next idea is very Wonka-esque.

Scratch and sniff backdrop, created by flavorpaper, permit you to cover your walls with your #1 fragrance, for example, their “Cherry Forever” choice which clearly scents of, you got it, cherries.

Now this seems a step too far for my liking but as a novelty, for a club or bit of fun, it’s a great idea.

7. Marketing and advertisements

Scratch and Sniff Marketing At this point, we as a whole understand this idea is an exceptionally famous thought and ranges a lot more regions that essentially I was aware of yet this next idea is very Wonka-esque.

Scratch and sniff backdrop, created by flavorpaper, permit you to cover your walls with your #1 fragrance, for example, their “Cherry Forever” choice which clearly scents of, you got it, cherries.

We think it’s only a matter of time until scratch and sniff is utilized in bus stations, subways or other public area, to sell products through an extra dimension.

8.The gaming world

Scratch and Sniff Marketing Like the music world, gaming has additionally used scratch and sniff to speak to different faculties.

In 1999, Gran Turismo 2 involved the innovation in a weird showcasing ploy, a 2-circle release of the game, the one plate being blue and highlighting the smell of fuel and consuming elastic.

This wasn’t even the initial time the gaming scene utilized this, in 1995 Super Nintendo’s Earthbound game accompanied a bunch of cards, for certain terrible scents, intended to be smelt during game play at specific times.

The innovation isn’t only attached to the more modest or the dashing kinds, in 2000, Fifa 2001 had the fragrance of a football arena turf on the circle.

9. Literature

Scratch and Sniff Marketing Books, magazines and comics aren’t usually the places that spring to mind but a scratch and sniff recipe book is a very good idea and the concept has spread across the literary world.

In 2014, DC Comics released a scratch and sniff edition of Harley Quinn, the suicide squad member and all round bad-girl, the edition took you on a tour of her Coney Island home.

Now we all like a glass of wine but the language and snobbery of tastings often turn many away, Richard Bett has sorted this problem by producing “the essential scratch and sniff guide to becoming a wine expert”.

Scratch and Sniff Marketing This book helps the reader identify the different scents and aspects of wines with 16 scents and does it through a fun and illustrated way.

A great option to utilize this technology I’m sure you’d agree!

10.The next generation

Scratch and Sniff Marketing Although, technically not scratch and sniff, the next step in this concept came in 2001 when DigiScents Inc. started selling the iSmell, a personal scent synthesizer connecting to a PC via the USB port.

The device held 128 primary smells that could be mixed and matched as required to produce thousands of smells.

Scratch and Sniff Marketing The smells could be embed into websites or other platforms, and could release small bursts of scent at appropriate times, such as if you’re playing a first person shooter and get into a gun battle, whiffs of gunpowder will appear as you fire.

Scratch and Sniff Marketing So there we have it, some wonderfully weird ways of using scratch and sniff technology that we never really knew existed.

From the slightly more eccentric wallpapers to the futuristic iSmell, there’s definitely more to this concept than the basic stickers and cards of the past.

Scratch and Sniff Marketing I think scratch and sniff appeals to many merely for the gimmicky aspect and for the same reason we all must touch anything that says “wet paint” just to check.

It’s human nature, anything that satisfies a sense or two is always a winner and it’s a great way for remembering a product or service, because let’s face it, you’re going to look for a pair of mint scented jeans or try and remember whether your copy of Fifa 2001 had the scented disc, we all will don’t worry.

With the world of online shopping and simplistic same day delivery becoming a realistic possibility, a scratch and sniff card or advert for a product with an attached QR code or payment link may be the future, especially in the fragrance world.

Whatever the situation, with the birth of new technology comes new opportunity, watch this space.Scratch and Sniff Marketing