The Best Colleges in America | Best colleges in U.S.A

Best colleges in u.s.a – Your college doesn’t have to be exclusive to be a great investment. To find the schools that combine quality and affordability while admitting at least 20% of applicants, Money analyzed dozens of data points to produce a ranking we think will be useful to applicants who are increasingly looking for more choices. Explore our list, then build your own.

So here is the list of 10 Best colleges in U.S.A

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College NameOverall ScoreAcceptance rateEst. full price 2022-23Est. price with average grant% of students who get grantsGraduation rateEarly career earnings
University of MichiganAnn Arbor, MI89.4123%$32,400$18,80053%92%$75,840
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillChapel Hill, NC86.2223%$25,200$10,60053%89%$61,920
University of VirginiaCharlottesville, VA86.1124%$36,700$20,10048%94%$77,050
Massachusetts Maritime AcademyBuzzards Bay, MA86.0791%$31,600$18,60043%73%$91,670
Virginia Military InstituteLexington, VA85.1460%$33,300$20,00085%78%$71,910
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlanta, GA84.8721%$30,600$18,40071%87%$88,200
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignChampaign, IL84.7859%$32,000$14,30061%84%$71,540
University of FloridaGainesville, FL83.6537%$22,000$10,60085%88%$64,460
University of California, IrvineIrvine, CA83.4927%$37,100$13,80069%83%$71,960
University of California, DavisDavis, CA83.1339%$38,700$18,00069%86%$69,770

These are also top 10 best colleges in u.s.a


What are the top 50 colleges in the United States?

The Top 50 Undergraduate Colleges in the United States for 2017–18
Deep Springs College. Deep Springs College ranks #1 on The 50 Best Undergraduate Colleges in the United States for 2017–18!
Harvey Mudd College. Harvey Mudd College ranks #2 on The 50 Best Undergraduate Colleges in the United States for 2017–18!
Curtis Institute of Music. …
Swarthmore College. …
Williams College. …
United States Military Academy.

What is the best college in the US?

The two best value colleges in the U.S. were the University of California Berkley for best public college overall and Princeton University for best private college overall. In terms of financial aid, the University of Virginia and Princeton University ranked at the top.

What is the highest rated college in the US?

Top 100 US Universities 2020: Rank. University. 1. Harvard University. 2. Stanford University. …

What are the most popular colleges in the US?

Top US universities by state. Alabama – 4 . University of Alabama, Auburn University, University of Alabama Birmingham, University of South Alabama. Alaska – 2 . University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Anchorage. Arizona – 3 . Arizona State University, Arizona State University Tempe, The University of Arizona. Arkansas – 1