Best paying jobs in basic industries in 2023

The best paying jobs in basic industries are jobs that require minimum educational qualifications. If you have a basic post-secondary education, you are eligible for these jobs which pay up to $135000.

So, if you wish to earn $135000 in your future job, keep reading. And the best part is, that these jobs don’t require post-auxiliary schooling.

If you are seeking employment opportunities, you should consider basic industries which provide a wide range of options, positions to choose from, and future potential for promotion and advancement of career.

Before getting into the list of top best paying jobs in basic industries, we must have an understanding of what basic industries fundamentally are.

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What are Basic Industries?

The industries that have the best paying jobs in basic industries include retail, food services, wholesale trade, manufacturing, astronomy, geology, horticulture, and much more.

These industries produce goods and services for the general public. This list also includes heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, construction workers, and heavy equipment operators.

Basic industries are the foundation of an economy and produce goods and services that form the basis for other industries. These industries focus on the production of products and services for export rather than for domestic sales and circulation.

You will get a higher profit margin in these industries because of low production costs. But they are usually more labor intensive as compared to other sectors.

The supply of unrefined components for the assembling business is also done by basic industries. These unrefined components are utilized by every essential branch of the economy such as horticulture, transportation, and development.

Now, without further ado let’s get to the list of best paying jobs in basic industries.

#1. Petroleum Engineer – $135,000/year

As a petroleum engineer, you will be responsible for finding, boring, drilling, extracting, and removing petroleum from the earliest stages. Oil and other important minerals are investigated by petroleum engineers. After that, these resources can be extracted directly from the ground if they are onshore. If they are offshore, the resources are transported by ship or pipeline to a refinery.

Petroleum engineers plan the frameworks for oil boring and production, oversee extraction methods, operate equipment and separate process flows from crude oil.

They do all this by applying the principles of applied chemistry and mathematics to solve technical problems of processing crude oil, natural gas, and extraction. That’s the reason Petroleum Engineer is the best paying job in basic industries.

#2. Agricultural Chemist – $125,000/year

As an Agricultural Chemist, you will work on preserving the quality of soil as well as improving it. They study the growth of various organisms such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and other pesticides.

Agricultural Chemists discover and develop new techniques to improve the growth of plants and reduce the loss of crops. That’s the reason Agricultural Chemist is the best paying job in basic industries.

#3. VP in Mining Operations or Machinery and Equipment – $120,000+/year

The role of a “Vice President” or VP is one of the most sought-after roles in any industry and it is even more essential for basic industries.

As a VP in Mining Operations, you will be responsible for assessment, due diligence, and supervision of mines and projects supporting the growth strategy of the company through internal projects and acquisitions.

Another best paying job in basic industry, which offers lucrative packages to VPs is Machinery and Equipment. Responsibilities include on-site client meetings and interviews, market research and report writing, supervising and coordinating a team of junior analysts, and more. This is the reason why VP is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.


#4. Business Development Engineer – $110,000/year

A Business Development Engineer is responsible for finding new opportunities in the market for the company. They build relationships with business partners, vendors, clients, and others and ensure that the company meets its goals and deadlines.

The reason Business Development Engineer is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries is that they are the main point of contact between employers and businesses outside their company.

#5. Health and Safety Officer – $108,836/year

As health and safety officers, you will be responsible for ensuring that fundamental industries are running efficiently and safely.

Health and safety officers regulate the administration of the equipment used, such as forklifts and cranes, and make sure all staff have the information they need to work properly. They also ensure that the operators have the basic skills necessary to operate these vehicles.

They also make sure that no one gets hurt due to a hazard by dealing with the hazard before someone gets hurt.

#6. Metallurgist – $87,237/year

As a Metallurgist, you specialize in the extraction of metals from their ores and oversee the development and testing of the metal extraction process.

Metallurgy also involves alloying and casting of materials to produce commercial metal products. That’s why it is one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.

#7. Synthetic Chemists – $85,220/year

As a Synthetic chemist, you will design and develop synthetic materials, chemicals, and fuels. Knowledge and skills in chemistry, physics, and engineering are required to do this job well.

Synthetic Chemists also deal with complex industrial processes and often need to apply mathematical models for chemical reactions.

#8. Mining Engineer – $81,944/year

The primary industries sector employs mining and geological engineers.

It includes various industries like coal mining, oil and gas extraction, and other secondary activities that support mining.

As a Mining Engineer, you will be responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and routinely maintaining the infrastructure for these industries and activities.

#9. Truck Driver – $77525/year

Transportation of goods from one place to another is very important in basic industries. This is where Truck Drivers come in. But the job of a Truck Driver is not limited to just driving, it also involves sorting, cataloging, and delivering goods.

#10. Soil Conservationist – $64,588/year

As a Soil Conservationist, you must possess practical knowledge of methods of soil, water, and environmental conservation. You will also help landowners with issues like dealing with soil, water, plants, and other animal resource concerns.

The average salary of a Soil Conservationist is around 64K US dollars, making it a well-paying job in basic industry.