What is “Search Google or type a URL”?

“Search Google or type a URL” are the default words displaying inside the address bar or search box (also called Omnibox) when you open a fresh tab in the Chrome browser. As it suggests, you have got two options to continue using Chrome. And, that is, you can either type a keyword of what you want to search into the Omnibox and click enter to see the search results or just enter the specific website’s URL into the Omnibox and press enter to go to that site’s page.

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To understand better, let’s consider this instance. There are many options for visiting websites. These include social media, other websites, directly typing the URL into the address bar of your browser, and search engines such as Google, Yahoo!!, Bing or DuckDuckGo. However, the two most popular methods of loading a website from a browser are via search engine/engine or by typing the URL in the address bar.

However, which is the best method to load a particular website? Do you want to visit Expertrec? Or do you type expertrec.com or www.expertrec.com into the address bar? Or should you type www.expertrec.com (or expertrec.com) into your address bar? While there’s no one way that works for everyone, depending on certain circumstances and factors, one option is better than another.

Which to choose, Search Google or type a URL?

You can search the web for the URL of the page if you forget it or don’t know the exact URL. To search Google, enter the keyword and press Enter. Google will list all related websites and then let you search the library. After that, you can browse through the sites and pick which ones to open.

You can search the web using keywords you know. If, on the other hand, you know the exact URL of the website you are looking to visit, doing so through the search engine or your browser’s search bar is not only time-wasting but also unnecessarily uses up bandwidth/internet/data plan — you’d first have to load up the search engine result page before proceeding to the website.

A search engine is useful if you have the exact URL of the website, but only specific content. More precisely, using Google’s site search (site:search) feature.

Instead of using the search engine, you can visit a website by entering the URL into your browser’s address field. This saves bandwidth and time. If the website has not yet been indexed by Google, it may not show up in the search results.

The best way to find the URL address of a website is to enter it in the address bar.http://Orwww.Prefixes don’t have to be used. Many websites have lightweight URLs that point to the main URL. This allows users to visit the website quickly and without typing the entire URL address. Instead of typing, www.facebook.com. For example, you could type “http://www.yourbrowser.com” in the browser address bar. By typing fb.com you will be redirected directly to Facebook.

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